Steppie Balance Board


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Its gentle, slow-impact motion promotes fitness while being a non-exercise based activity. While standing on the Steppie, with your feet in line with your hips, the Steppie will react to the slightest body movement whether that be moving from side to side or reaching around your workstation. Your muscles and core will work to stabilise and rebalance your body, with each one of these movements causing increased muscle use.??Benefits

When we stay still for longer period of time our body starts to ache. With the modern behaviour having humans sitting for most daily activities in their home life and if you add the fact that we also sit for an approximately 8 hours a day in our work lives it is no surprise that our body begins to suffer. To counteract these effects it is recommended that office workers stand for parts of the day. Using minimal energy, concentration and balance the Steppie allows user to have these beneficial effects; ?? Helps improve circulation, balance and posture ?? Strengthens core musculature as well as foot, ankle, knee and hip joints ?? Can increase standing stamina ?? Super easy to move into place or slide out of the way ?? Burn energy whilst reducing muscle tension


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