Standfit 90 Degree Electric Height Adjustable Desk



StandFit represents everything that is beneficial about movement and activity in our working environments.Standing in the workplace is about health, wellness and productivity. StandFit is about a revolution in the way that we work. Its about creating a new normal where chairs are just a part of our working day. where activity is integrated seamlessly into our workspace interiors and where health and wellbeing take center stage.StandFit stands for getting active, getting motivated and getting creative.StandFit is about being physically fit, and its about being mentally fit. Its about a culture where our work makes us healthier, happier and more productive with every task we perform and where movement benefits every part of our working lives.So StandUp! StandWell! StandFit! Key Specifications;
2 different top sizes available
Frame standard in all white.
5 year warranty
90kg lifting capacity
AFRDI rated
Height range 655 to 1258mm
Quiet 32mm /sec speed
All our desks are shipped flat packed for their protection. If you would like a quote for installation please contact our sales team at


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