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Pain-Free Productivity is here, thanks to continued collaboration with top ergonomists and health and safety professionals. New RollerMouse Red eliminates awkward reach, strain, and gripping associated with a traditional mouse or any other computer input device. Experience remarkably accurate cursor control at the touch of your fingers thanks to our uniquely designed, textured rollerbar.
RollerMouse Red is the new way to work. More precise cursor control comes with a lot less effort. In fact, RollerMouse reduces muscle effort in the forearms by up to 20%*, and lets you accomplish tasks with a completely neutral hand position.
Relieves pain – Reduces common mouse-related risk factors associated with repetitive stress injuries.
Prevents Injury – Encourages a healthy upper body posture while working at the computer.
Increases productivity – Easy to use. Right away. Central position eliminates wearing and wasteful movements.
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