Kinesis Savant Elite Triple Action Foot Switch


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For users who require the utmost in productivity and comfort, the Savant Elite Triple Action Foot Switch is the answer. While factory programmed for mouse button emulation, it can be easily reprogrammed on a Windows PC to perform any keyboard action or key combination.Through extensive user testing, proper spacing and orientation of each pedal was determined to maximize comfort and productivity. Furthermore, the outer pedals may be adjusted inward to accommodate smaller feet.For the ultimate in flexibility, the mini-phono input jack model supports a optional fourth pedal or hand trigger!RoHS Compliant.Savant Elite Triple Action Foot Switch Features:Activate Mouse ClicksAll Savant Elite foot switches come pre-programmed to activate right and left mouse clicks, plus a middle mouse button action where a third pedal or input is present. For many users the pain associated with mousing is from the action of clicking, not from moving the mouse. The Savant Elite resolves this problem by relocating the clicking action to the user’s feet.Program Any Key ActionReprogram the foot switch to activate any key action(s). Perfect for offloading work from an overused finger or hand. Some of the more commonly used key actions are Shift, Tab, Enter, Backspace and Delete.Create MacrosMacros are a great productivity tool for generating commonly used phrases, or combinations of key actions and modifiers. With a memory pool of 1200 characters per device the Savant Elite will support even the most demanding of tasks.Specifications

    Three pedals factory configured to perform mouse button actions (Left pedal = left button, middle pedal= middle button, right pedal = right button)
    Pedals are front-hinged and rounded for easy triggering, made from black, glass-reinforced nylon
    Outer two pedals are adjustable
    Low profile design, combined with heavy steel base prevents unit from accidentally moving on the floor
    Re-programmable to perform keyboard actions, macros, or to re-assign mouse button actions
    External status LEDs
    Recessed programming switch accessible from underside of unit
    Modular design is upgradeable and supports simple field repairs if necessary


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