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M POD is perfect for big discussions and meetings for groups of up to 10people, the M POD is a large space designed for maximum capacity,connectivity and efficiency.
All the while keeping its outside surroundings quiet and without distractions. Itseven spacious enough to be furnished with sofas, tables, chairs, whiteboards, screens and even plants for a comfortable working environment.
M POD is a comfortable and well ventilated space with great acousticproperties, resulting in increased employee efficiency and productivity.
Power and connectivity are seamless, with continuous power supply foryour gadgets and direct connection to your office network.
Key Features:

High Acoustic Rating:Beautifully designed and using carefully selected materials with the best absorption and isolation performance. TUV-32dB/NIC

Energy Efficient:The Motion Sensor detectsmovement and turn on the fans and lights automatically the making the unit extremely energy efficient.
Retractable and Portable:It is designed to be easily dismantled, moved and re-installed. Integrated ball bearings allows for ease of movement when required. This is allowsflexibilityin workspace
Power andConnectivity:Simple A/C plug connection to a standard wall socket is all that is required.
Warranty:5 Year warranty for body parts, external mechanism, except negligence during or after installation. 2 Year warranty on electrical components.
Fire Rating:Includes the acoustic board, carpet and polyester foam which is fire rated.
Power & USB Charging Outlets: Continuous power supply for your gadgets and direct connection to your office network.
Working Table: Laminated Worktop in the Centre of the pod measuring 700mm x 550mm

Ventilation Access: 4Ventilationfans ensuring you are able to work in well ventilated space with great acoustic properties. Effective air circulation and comfortable seating allows for an comfortable workingexperience


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