Hush office Meet S 2 Person Pod


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Hush Office Meet 2 Person Pod is a fantastic way of conducting meetings with privacy within an open office space due to its advanced acoustic properties. It is an excellent alternative to a meeting room as it can be moved as needed.

Key Features :

  • Anti-collision door manifestation

  • Toughened acoustic glass with high quality handle

  • Door within the aluminium frame includes an acoustic seal

  • Acoustic lined fabric panels

  • Levellingfeet

  • Led ceiling light with dimmer

  • Ventilation system activated by a presence sensor

  • Option to hang a TV screen on the central panel

  • Power module (Power + USB + RJ45)

  • Two upholstered benches

  • Possibility to move without disassembly

    Finishes :

    • Exterior Case Colour: White OR Cosmos Grey option

    • Column Colour: Cosmos Grey

    • Back Glass Colour: Clear

    • Fabric Colour (back panel and armrest): WOOL Silver 03 (TSI)

    • Fabric Colour (other fabric elements): WOOL Pelikan 57 (TPC)

    • Frame Colour: Grey

    • Table Top Colour: White

    • Cableway: Yes

    • Type of Power Module: Australian

    • Type of Foam: Non Flammable


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