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This ambidextrous, dual connectivity mouse was designed with comfort and support front of mind.
The updated design of the Handshoe Mouse Shift provides enhanced comfort for fingers and thumb, more space is provided on the body of the Shift while the thumb rests in the same plane as the fingers. Designed to reduce hand and arm fatigue and allow the hand to relax in a neutral position whilst using the mouse.

The enhanced design has improved thumb support, which reduce gripping and pinching. These design improvements increase comfort and reduce straining in the wrist and fingers.

Ambidextrous, can be used by the left or right hand, switching between hands is easy
Dual connection, can be used as a wired mouse or wirelessly via Bluetooth ( A computer with Bluetooth capabilities is required)
Available in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes and users
Improved ergonomic shape and enhanced thumb joint support
Internal rechargeable battery
Two buttons and scroll wheel
Compatible with Windows and Mac

    Which Size Fits You?
    Measure on the inside of the stretched out hand, distance from wrist up to the top of the ring finger.This length provides an indication of the required size.

    ??Small:Length up to around 170mm ??Medium:Length from around 170 to 190mm ??Large:Length of 190mm and above


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